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Leonidas Loizides (born February 22, 1964) is a critically acclaimed theatre and film director, a Cypriot by birth.

He attended New York University, at Tisch School of the Arts, earning a degree in Film Directing.
In Athens, he worked in famous theatres and staged a series of demanding plays which carried his personal touch, ranging from ancient tragedy to the contemporary scene. With his theatrical group he also gave performances to audiences in many cities in Cyprus, England, France and the USA.


Diary of a Madman*, by Nikolai Gogol (1992)
The Zoo Story, by Edward Albee (1993)
The Servant*, by Harold Pinter(1994-95)
Someone who’ll watch over me*, by Frank McGuinness, (1994)
Troades , “The Trojan Women Today*”, By Euripides, (1994-95)
Butterflies are free*, by Leonard Gershe (1995-96)
The Robbery*, by E. Ioannidou-Adamidou, (1995-96)
The Cherry Orchard*, by Anton Chekhov (1996)
Killer Joe*, by Tracy Letts(1996)
The Shoemaker’s Marvellous Wife, by Federico Garcia Lorka (1999)
The Bet, by Anton Checkhov (2000-2001)
Love Letters*, by A. R. Gurney (1995-96)
In Praise of Love, by Terence Rattigan (1997-98)
Maria’s Choice*, by Alexander Kakavas (1998-99)
The man who came from the Water, by D. Pistikos(1998)
Galateia*, by S. Vasileiadis (1998)
The Iron Master, by Georges Ohnet (1997-98)
The Holy Sermon*, by Andreas Koukidis (1999-2000)
The Different Shade of the Rainbow*, by John Sauter(1997)
Rooney’s Baby, by Tennessee Williams (2000)
Apokalypse* by Takis Antoniou (2000)
Execution*, by Tracy Letts (1998)
The Bear, by Anton Tcheckov (1999)
The Attempt*, by E. Ioannidou-Adamidou (2000)
Agnes of God, by John Pielmeier (2000)
Late Night Dialogues, by R. Ioannidaou-Stavrou (2001)
Before the Performance* (2006-07)

*The shows marked red have toured abroad (England, France, the USA and Cyprus)

Aiming at the promotion of the excellent theatrical play of Euripides, “Bacchae”, Leonidas Loizides starts a long journey, presenting this diachronic play, with some innovations (like the cast which totally consists of women) in several countries and festivals, in a translation of Marikas Thomadaki.

We also point out that in this attempt of ours we have the support of the Greek state and the honor, this theatrical production to be under the auspices of the Greek ministries of Foreign affairs, Transport and Communications, the Greek National Tourism Association, the Hellenic Culture Organization, as well as under the auspice of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Cyprus.

Our Communication Sponsors are: ERT WORLD, ΕΘΕΛ, «Apogevmatini", "City Press", "Athens Voice", "Athens 984, GoCulture, while our Sponsor is the "BANK OF CYPRUS"

All the above factors render the as above performance perfect from the artistic point of view, at a level that it can satisfy even the most demanding audience.

The theatre company consists of 8 members and along with the director, the technician (operator of lights and sound) and the production organizers, constitutes the twelve-member team that will travel for the materialization of this inspired project.

The specific production spread its wings beyond the Greek horizons in September of 2008 with a 40-day tourney in America, in 18 states of the USA, under the auspices of the World Council of Hellenes Abroad, SAE USA Region and the Organization under the name "PEDIA" (meaning EDUCATION in the English Language), and we hope that its journey will be as far and long, from the time point of view, as possible. Our tourney in America had an extremely warm reception from the audience and the press, winning many distinctions by local entities, with the awarding of prizes by the Municipality of New York and the American Congress being the high spot.

Our following destination

is Europe, with already scheduled performances in Germany (Stuttgart 23/01/09), London (London Theatre of Art 20&21/03/09), Cyprus (Lemesos, 27&28/02/09) and Paris for January and February 2009, while we are already preparing our new theatrical production "Troades" of Euripides, which will start its tour in Greece and abroad from August of 2009.



The Theatre Scheme of Leonidas Loizides was established as an non-profit organization, with aim the spread across the world of the Greek culture, traveling with remarkable theatrical productions of ancient Greek drama in all the world, winning awards and excellent reviews wherever they were performed.

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